Tuesday, October 18, 2005


The good:

(a) I've just started using calendar synchronisation between my outlook calendar and my cellphone calendar. WOW. Firstly, i've got alot of meetings. Secondly, its easy to use and the software is non invasive. I bought a pc bluetooth adapter and I use the software that comes with the phone. It includes time, title, venue details on its recurrence, etc. I set the phone to ALWAYS notify me - thus, if my phone is switched off, it will power up and notify me.

(b) I unplugged the Memory Stick DUO 512meg card lastnight. Its a bit difficult to pull/rip out... you have to press it in before it springs out. (My bad). Anyway, it was suprisingly easy. I didnt use the CD that came with it because I left it at work. I used one of those 11 in 1 card readers.

The bad:

(b) By default, the notification was set to "Only when On". I had to change this to "Always" before i would get reminded of a meeting. I think i was possibly wasnt giving it enough time, anyway, I spent time fiddling to find out whether I was going to get notified a few minutes before the event.

(c) The ringtone/signal for the calendar notification cannot be changed, nor can the amount of time before the event be set. Its set to notify 15 minutes beforehand. (I had to wait and see).

(d) I have to press a button to get my phone to synchronize. I want it to synchronize when I walk past my PC. (i'm lazy).

The ugly:

(d) The MP3 playback speed is slightly quicker than when playing through winamp and thus not accurate to the song. It is a really subtle difference that cancels out a small amount of the base and makes the trebble only slightly more noticable (i might be wrong with the physics). I am going to guess that winamp is correct and the w800i is wrong since winamp has been around for alot longer - more testing. If you play songs side by side, the w800i moves through the song quicker.

The MP3 playback is still good and not noticable unless you compare songs but since it is marketed as the "Sony Walkman", i would expect the playback to be accurate.


(On a side note, james blunt, Wow)

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