Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It is done. I have a new car - 2005 A3 2.0 fsi. The Smurf lasted well and has some good memories but alas, trustworthy brakes, a handbrake that works, 110 kilowatt of power and a CD player is something that is worth it. The last straw was the Smurf getting stolen. I would possibly still be driving it as i was not in a hurry to change my car (I'm not worried about safety/status/ego). Cost was possibly the biggest issue. I do not mind spending money aslong as I'm getting good value for what I spend and there are no problems with what I buy. I'm quite comfortable with an old Uno Fiat and I could have waited. After my car was stolen it pressed me to find what was good value and what I'm comfortable with. I spent a good 6 months looking and its a good car and I'm happy.

I test drove an A3, A4, two different 318ti, a Yaris, a Getz, and an old automatic nissan. The A3 (my car) was the best of the lot and it has a good interior and the previous owner was kept good care of it. The automatic is was great. I would have to get an automatic at some point in the far future.

On a side note, went out during lunch to drop off a DVD at a video store. I had this TP option enabled on my radio and it switched to a radio report and returned to play my CD once the radio report had finished. Nice.

I'm listening to Coldplay X&Y and Madonna Confessions. Both are great CDs. The confessions CD is possibly one of the best dance CDs. My impression of Hung Up is that its a great hit but thats where it ends. The other songs on that CD have alot more depth (for dance songs) and the compilation will last longer than that particular song. X&Y is a great compilation and its going to be on my favorites for along time.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I went to watch DooM the movie on the weekend. Lotsa memories came flooding back. In particular, they missed a huge part of the movie.

(a) No monsters - sure they had these imp like things with eyes. They missed the cacodemons, lost souls, hell knights and most importantly - the cyberdemon and spiderdemon. The cyberdemon is by far the most fear inspiring thing i've ever experienced in my not so long 26year life.

(b) They missed the whole 'from hell'. I guess they were afraid of the religious activists. In the end they settled for the whole genetic experiment gone bad plot. Lame.

I do not think that the movie did the game justice. It could have been alot more frightening.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Its almost the new year and its that time to start contemplating resolutions. Things done, things not done, good and bad. Time well spent and time lost.

I would have liked to,
* gone back to durban more often
* done more rock climbing

I did,
* change jobs
* study and pass a few unisa courses + certifications
* spend too much money over the course of the year

I will,
* do more rock climbing
* pick up fencing again or possibly squash (but one of them)
* overcome my slight fear of horses (not sure if you could call it fear - its more like an inability to ride)
* finish my architect exams
* finish my mcsd (possibly just the 300-70 exam)
* start a cfa (possibly not)
* change my car (i'm currently looking at this)
* go overseas for a few weeks and spend time with my sisters and a friend or two.
* chat to Jutta and find out more about how she's doing.
* play more go

Bad things,
* Forgetting my sisters birthday
* not going to Durban enough

Good things,
* Robbie Williams Golden Circle
* Cooking for Friends
* Finally getting 'a feast for crows'
* (I'm leaving a few off of this list, tho maybe they should be on the
bad things list)

Plans for the next year,
* White water rafting
* Overseas for a short while
* Lots more cooking

Anyway. Good times.

Monday, December 12, 2005

There aint no place like home. The air in durban definately gives you more energy and your best friends even more. Funnily enough, I spent most of the weekend sleeping. I nearly missed a braai.

I stayed in my mothers new house. Its quite well designed. There is so much space available and so much thought has been put into the layout and placing of rooms and areas. Alot still needs to be unpacked but that just takes time. Boxes.

On saturday night and sunday morning Brad, Justin, Mike and I ended up playing Tichu till silly hours of the morning (8am). This has almost become a ritual when I go to Durban. The first set was decisivly won by Justin and I over 1h30m. The second set was a bitter battle to the end, won by Brad and Mike. Regrettably we couldnt find the original cards and had to remark the deuces as the One, Dog, Phoenix and Dragon.

A good weekend I'm definately relaxed/destressed after that weekend tho I wish I could go down more often and I forgot to copy a DVD of photos.