Monday, September 27, 2004

A great long weekend in the Drakensburg. Completely relaxed, ready for a great week and a long push towards December.

Absinthe... evil stuff. I found a good article [link] on Absinthe and an informative faq [link].

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Won my first game of chess today.

An amazing defeat of Gumpifoo on Red Hot Pawn [link]. My user name is trix1234 not tim12s. (I entered the wrong email address for authorisation, so I couldnt complete the signup). If you want a game, give me an invite... but I warn you, I make about 3-5 moves a day, gotta work, gotta work.

Next up, the defeat of Septic Fly that scourge that is trying to invade my kingdom.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Well done to Richard, Chris and Patrick who won this last friday.

We played 3 games of poker (winner takes all) with a double blind for every player that leaves the game.

Game 1 was exclusively Texas Holden (won by Richard).
Game 2 was dealers choice amongst Texas, Omaha and 5 card draw (won by Chris).
Game 3 was again dealers choice amongst Texas, Omaha and 5 card draw (won by Patric).

A few unbelievable hands made for some intresting losses.

If I'm also correct, in the last game I didnt win a single hand... but otherwise, some good chinese food, a few good hands and a great evening. I seem to be on this hectic loosing streak so i'm going to have to sort that out.

Whens the next poker evening?

Im keen to play a game of Omaha Hi Lo and 5 card draw (dealer chooses) and then in another game, Texas Holden and 5 card stud (dealer chooses) with the same number of chips as we played on this weekend.


Friday, September 17, 2004

I have someones Queen.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Got any Red Hot Pawn [link] lately?

Its quite a good chess site. Chess, unlike GO, is an easy game that can be played quickly over a cup of coffee or one move at a time, one per day. I prefer GO as there is more stragegy involved. Or at least, the strategy is less dense and flows more naturally between grand conflict (the board) and smaller battles (ko fights) to battlefield victories (capture) but a lost war (game over, you LOSE).

Okay... maybe I shouldnt emphasise the LOSE bit... GO is a chinese game mastered by the japanese and eventually, after hundreds of years, the chinese have gotten reasonably good at it.

The South African GO Association [link]. They... (we) meet every tuesday (i've been absent for quite some time now) in Melville on 4th street at some coffee shop from about 8pm till 12pm.

Once you've got your mind wrapped around GO it becomes the game of choice... but maybe a bit too long to play at work over the day. 1 move an hour and you wouldnt even be near to finishing.