Thursday, June 10, 2004

A few notable things have happend in the last two weeks.

(1) I wrote Business Management 101 and 102 through UNISA. (June 3)

I must say that the courses were mind expanding. The amount of general knowledge received about the business world is well worth the course and I would say that there are fewer courses that have as big a WoW factor than Business Management 1. (Macro Economics 1 comes in a close 3rd).

(2) Two of my friends got married this last weekend (June 5).

Their wedding was in the Natal Midlands at a small cottage. Lovely place for a wedding and I'm really happy for them - a perfect couple. It was quite pleasant to be at a wedding where most of the guests slept over at the cottage/hotel with most having breakfast in the morning. We all ended up with Cactaii which, after alot of effort, I eventually got back to JHB.

Sunday lead to a drive along the Midland Meander, lunch at Gunters (a great german cottage, and some great photos), numerous pancakes at the Pancake Place, some shoes and a pleasant drive. I can say that as a tourist route its going to do quite well during the 2010 soccer world cup.