Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Last night I watched the ending of Jason vs Freddy before CSI and 24. The last nights episode of 24 was amazing stuff. Exactly what I expected from Jack Bauer. I've watched season 1 and 3 of 24 and its well worth the 24 hours you sit watching the season. I'm now 3 hours into season 4 and 4 hours into season 2 (i'm getting season 2 from the video store and watching season 4 on mnet).

They should have a Jason vs Predetor. Or even better, Jason vs Predetor vs Alien vs Freddy vs Chuck Norris vs Steven Seagal.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Alot has happened since my last post...

I left my previous company (miss them quite a bit, unique company and good products); had drinks with the entire company for the 2nd time ever (might be the first); watched the battlestar galactica remake; had a 15 year family reunion; went to Hluhlue game reserve; went on a battle tour of Rorkes Drift and Isandhlwana; started at a new company; started waking up early (first concerted effort to get up early since... grade 6 at primary school); got ill; got well; went on systems induction; a few friends birthdays; went on core induction; beerfest; got ill (not related to the beerfest... some kinda food poisoning... terrible); went to see Avril Lavigne in concernt (awesome concert); got well; learnt spring framework fundermentals (1.2 is nice, i wonder when IntelliJ will have IDE support for Spring).

I'm not going to go into detail since i've been so busy since my last post but:

1. I highly recommend the battle tours and Hluhlue.

2. Core and System induction are the companies plan on introducing you to the companies products and the companies backend system. This arms you with information you need to know where to start (massive systems).

3. Spring gives me a happy feeling (just like Java 5.0 and Hibernate). I fear the beans.xml file might explode in size for large applications and become opaque to the inner mind.

4. Really miss seeing the rest of the family and my new nephew. It all started off with a spectacular dinner at the Oyster Box watching a gold moon rise on the ocean, slighly obscured by a lighthouse with a pool. (had to be there). Hluhlu was great, got to see the most massive elephant but no cats. It all ended when hyenas rocked up at a braai (it was the last day/night, we left the next morning).

Happy to be writing again. Dont think i have time for the next 2 weeks but after that everything should be good. I'm working late right now. Lots to understand and do. Its nice to be able to work late (shoot me now).