Monday, February 28, 2005

Isnt it amazing how some of the decisions that take 1 second can be the hardest to make. Those decisions either preserve the status quo, or allow you to move forward. You can try to avoid situations that require you to choose but at some point you are plainly confronted. Certain questions must be answered. Its amazing how many reasons you can come up with to either avoid or delay. Being comfortable is a nice feeling.

Ying Yang
Cellphone radiation level charts
Old SAR Chart

I'm always concerned about this one. I remember my face getting quite hot when I used my 3210, something I'm always wary of (would prefer to use my cell as little as possible). According to the above links, my old 3210 [1.14] was lower than my T610 [1.21]. This worries me slighly because I dont seem to notice the T610 until after a lenghty conversation (5-10 minutes). Is it being deflected? or have I been conditioned/climatised.


On a side note, the Apple Center in the Nelson Mandela Square stocks the Mini Mac. I am impressed. I just need to wait until they get those internal bluetooth modules... and then it's mine!

I've got to go back and spend some more time there. I dont know how well it supports sending and receiving faxes. I'm keen to move my mom over to a Mini Mac but i'm worried about a whole lot of adjustment issues and lack of support. Anyone have any experience with this? What is the MTBF for MacOSX?