Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It is done. I have a new car - 2005 A3 2.0 fsi. The Smurf lasted well and has some good memories but alas, trustworthy brakes, a handbrake that works, 110 kilowatt of power and a CD player is something that is worth it. The last straw was the Smurf getting stolen. I would possibly still be driving it as i was not in a hurry to change my car (I'm not worried about safety/status/ego). Cost was possibly the biggest issue. I do not mind spending money aslong as I'm getting good value for what I spend and there are no problems with what I buy. I'm quite comfortable with an old Uno Fiat and I could have waited. After my car was stolen it pressed me to find what was good value and what I'm comfortable with. I spent a good 6 months looking and its a good car and I'm happy.

I test drove an A3, A4, two different 318ti, a Yaris, a Getz, and an old automatic nissan. The A3 (my car) was the best of the lot and it has a good interior and the previous owner was kept good care of it. The automatic is was great. I would have to get an automatic at some point in the far future.

On a side note, went out during lunch to drop off a DVD at a video store. I had this TP option enabled on my radio and it switched to a radio report and returned to play my CD once the radio report had finished. Nice.

I'm listening to Coldplay X&Y and Madonna Confessions. Both are great CDs. The confessions CD is possibly one of the best dance CDs. My impression of Hung Up is that its a great hit but thats where it ends. The other songs on that CD have alot more depth (for dance songs) and the compilation will last longer than that particular song. X&Y is a great compilation and its going to be on my favorites for along time.


Deniz Twelves said...

Wow. This is weird, because I am married to Tim Twelves. But you are a different Tim Twelves.

I Googled him for fun and I came across your blog, thinking "I didn't know Tim had a blog" etc. etc.

So email us if you want to get to know another Tim Twelves who is from London England but is living in San Francisco, CA.

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