Monday, December 12, 2005

There aint no place like home. The air in durban definately gives you more energy and your best friends even more. Funnily enough, I spent most of the weekend sleeping. I nearly missed a braai.

I stayed in my mothers new house. Its quite well designed. There is so much space available and so much thought has been put into the layout and placing of rooms and areas. Alot still needs to be unpacked but that just takes time. Boxes.

On saturday night and sunday morning Brad, Justin, Mike and I ended up playing Tichu till silly hours of the morning (8am). This has almost become a ritual when I go to Durban. The first set was decisivly won by Justin and I over 1h30m. The second set was a bitter battle to the end, won by Brad and Mike. Regrettably we couldnt find the original cards and had to remark the deuces as the One, Dog, Phoenix and Dragon.

A good weekend I'm definately relaxed/destressed after that weekend tho I wish I could go down more often and I forgot to copy a DVD of photos.

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