Monday, October 17, 2005

I just recently got a Sony Ericsson w800i. This phone is the distant grandchild of the T610 (the phone i recently lost). The w800i fixes every issue and completes the T610 wishlist but I do have a few problem with it.

The good:
(a) Nice camera
(b) Nice radio
(c) Nice GUI - very responsive and well thought out. A good improvement on a good interface (T610)

The bad:
(d) The automatic keylock is a bit too quick. It needs to be a few seconds (4) longer.

The ugly:
(e) The T610 side grooves are missing. This makes the phone more difficult to handle (in comparison to the T610). Its still on par with other phones but the T610 ensured that you had a great grip on the phone by its side grooves.
(c) You can only take video clips of +- 20 seconds in length. This is horse shyte... I've got a 512meg memory card and I want to use it.


I am enjoying the phone. Its ever so slightly larger than T610 and its quite a refreshing facelift. Its got most of the latest features (i dont know what i'm missing). A good phone.


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