Monday, September 08, 2008

International Shipping

I have been playing with which is a US re-mailer and gives me a US address in Florida. This allows items purchased from US companies that only deliver to US postal addresses. This costs about $60 a year which has already payed for itself when buying high cost items.

The price of a mid-range / cheap goods turns out to be only slightly cheaper (R100-R500) when purchasing them locally. High end goods seem to attract a very high margin locally so you can easily save up 50% of the cost by purchasing from overseas when taking advantage of exclusive US discounts.


Champ2244 said...

Another great option for forwarding from the USA is a company called Bongo International

I have been using them for a year now and love their service.

Tim Twelves said...

There are actually quite a few merchandise remailers. The following thread compares a couple of them.

In hindsight I particularly like USAMAIL1 since they are New-York based and everything to my destination gets shipped via New York. Their costs are quite a bit more than but I expect that shipping might be cheaper since it does not have to travel from Florida to New York before crossing the Atlantic.

I would personally like the remailers to use google checkout for credit card processing.


james said...

I been using
Take a look at their demo here:

MyUS requires a monthly membership :(


My Tewksbury: Power Of The People said...

Great article, I am a shoe & Fashion lover in London UK, I have been using for the last five years and find them to be much superior to I have just renewed my annual membership for $79.99, what makes them good is the fast service they give me, I receive my Amazon shipment in AM and they ship it to me in afternoon. You should give them a look. They also accept Paypal and my international credit card. They can ship to Kuwait by US post office and give me the freedom to declare my own values for taxes.


Tia Collins said...
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Tia Collins said...

I am using Site is taking $50 for an year and also providing so many discounts on products and shipping as well.

must try