Monday, March 07, 2005

When using IEEE Software Engineering Process, you will find yourself overwhelmed with how many different templates and processes are defined. Realise that a single person is not supposed to create all the different IEEE documents and you will not typically find someone who is an expert in all the related fields. The IEEE is not suited for companies where architect == deverloper == tester == etc.

The roles of architect, developer, tester, etc will typically author their various documents and when those roles are correctly performed, an individual will typically never have to compose all of those documents. The author of the various documents should try to stick as close as possible to what is needed by document (as defined by the particular IEEE standard). When all documents are not authored, you will find a need to place some 'important' information inside a document because it has no appropropriate place.

Stick to the process and put that information in the correct document, as opposed to forcing it into some inappropriate document - otherwise your documents will become vague. The documentation may also require particular diagrams as an aid in the discussion. Dont try to put additional diagrams that will be (or are) duplicated by another part of the documentation process.

The whole IEEE Software Engineering Process might seem heavy until you stop duplicating information that has been documented or will be documented. In addition, the correct stakeholders should drive the correct parts of the process so that roles do not overlap.


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