Wednesday, January 12, 2005



I'm gonna buy a Mini Mac. Factory optionals are Internal Bluetooth, Wireless Ethernet and a DVD Writer... and you get MacOS X. I'd definately get 512mb RAM with it instead of 256mb RAM that comes default.

The only dissapointment is that it takes about 6 months (i'm guessing) for it to be available worldwide.

Seriously, the Mini Mac is the first computer that i've seen that solves every single issue with todays computing. Its small, its quiet, it does everything I need, its not an eyesore. Internal bluetooth is a brilliant idea. If I could buy it today I would.

On the software side of things, its comes with everything I need except MS Office (but you can buy that). I hardly play many games anymore so computer games arnt an issue.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

The JHB Go Club has moved to Question Mark, 4th Ave., Melville, across the road from the Mugg & Bean. 7pm, Tues. till midnight. You see, we will track you down ;)


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