Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Java vs .NET

Why not both. Why must one be exclusive? This exclusivity is a perception of Microsoft's practices to hunt and kill, as opposed to compete as sportsmen, but compete nevertheless.

I agree that the advances in .NET and the WoW factor that some .NET evangilisers try to dazzel me are an insult to the Java developers intelligence, that doesnt mean that .NET is bad for ALL developers.

DOTNET is the best thing since Windows 2000 and Java. VB, ATL, COM and a whole lot of bad voodoo must make way. Developing software does not have to be a dark art. The easier it is to validate the integrity of the application the better. Software is a business investment after all.

What Microsoft has going for itself is that its a onestop shop. SUN should do the same with regards to consolidating 3rd party projects to make them look like a onestop shop. JMX is a beginning but its a long way from providing a single management console provided with the J2SE runtime to manage running services, systems and remote services. J2EE is too heavy in my opinion.

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